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Crores died for you as witness
Crores live for you as witness
You chosen me too as a witness
If I say thanks, one tongue is not enough my GOD!
Glory to GOD for chosen me too as a witness to CHRIST.
If we see the world history there is AD and BC. Likewise even in my life also there is BC and AD.

My name is Sivagnanam alias Kannan. My father name is Mr.Arumugam who was working as a personal Assistant (Accounts) to the Collector, now retired. Mother name is Mrs. Saradha who is a house wife. I have two elder brothers and two elder sisters. I am last one in my family and very pet to my parents. My family is very spiritual one. As I am born in an orthodox family, I have been in spiritual from my childhood. I used to go to temples. I am very much interested in Horoscope and Numerology and I learned them well and was doing interested.

When I grow more in spiritual I went to Hindu Swamiji to have Dharsan. I had thought that if I would meet the swamiji then I could move closer to GOD. So I went to Kanchipuram, Pondicherry, Tiruvannamalai and Kerala in the year 1993 – 94 frequently.

In these circumstances, my close friend Xavier Morais used to meet one Evangelist Dr.Clifford Kumar at Anna Nagar, Chennai. I also went along with him. I never thought that this kind of meeting would change my life in future. Uncle Clifford Kumar used to pray for us. When he prayed I was chanting the name of the Hindu deity in my heart. He told me that “Read the Holy Bible”. I replied “Yes uncle” and came out of his house.

Within a few months period I joined Computer Diploma Course. One of the staff of that institute presented the Holy Bible – New Testament to me as my Birthday (23-10-1994) Gift. As soon as I received it, I prayed within my heart by chanting the name of the swamiji of Tiruvannamalai. Gift giver asked me what are you doing and I replied that I worshiped my spiritual father in my heart. And the same night i had read the Holy Bible very first time in my life. That day was ever memorable day in my life.

I had a habit of reading the spiritual books when I go to bed. After received the Holy Bible, I started reading it. I felt some changes  in my spirit. Mount Sermon touched my soul well. I knew more about JESUS through watching the TV program of Bro.D.G.S.Dhinakaran. The songs of Fr.Berchmans also attracted me. I used to attend the early Morning Prayer at Dr.W.Suresh’s house.

One day A.G.Church Pastor. Andrews prayed for me over phone and said “Seek first the kingdom of GOD and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you”(Matthew 6 : 33) . When I came to home for lunch after finishing the prayer I told my wife about this and opened the Bible. Suddenly the same verse which was prayed by Pastor. Andrews had come. GLORY TO JESUS.

Through the Holy Bible I came to know something about JESUS. But I never gave him a permanent place in my heart. One evening at 4:30 p.m. I said to my friend that “one who eats the salt must drink the water and one who does mistake must be punished”. So I did not accept forgiveness. But in the same evening I attended one meeting at 6:30 p.m.  GOD has very clearly revealed the Truth about the forgiveness through His servant. As soon as I heard of it, the fencing which around my heart was broken in to pieces. Now I gave permanent place to JESUS in my heart. JESUS IS LORD.No one like Him did not give life for me and resurrected. As I got wonderful vision and firm in me, I am Baptized (02-08-1998) and saved by FAITH. After born again my name is ABRAHAM, the name of the father of Faith as per Isaiah “thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the LORD shall name (Isaiah 62:2).

My LORD has spoken to me many times through the Holy Bible. HE who has started my faith has multiplied.  My wife Mrs. Sankari is also saved and baptized with the name of SHALOME. GOD has given us a wonderful son RAJASUDHAN for the Glory of His name. “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD” (Joshua 24:15).

I had lot of troubles in my business, deficit in money and sickness in my body. Although many unwanted things came into my life, the unchangeable GRACE OF CHRIST carried, beared and delivered me. GLORY TO JESUS ONLY.

When I was working as a Manager in a Private Company in the year 2007, one Pastor came to meet my Managing Director. He enquired about me. At that time I shared my desire to do God’s ministry with him. Then he invited me to his village and posted me there as a Pastor in a small Church. After hearing the voice of Holy Spirit through my inner voice, I resigned my job in March, 2009 and started doing full time ministry by God’s Grace with the name of “SHIELD OF FAITH” which is revealed by the Holy Spirit of the LORD.

It is merely God’s Grace that I became as a “Faith Man”.  In the year 2003, one of the believers of “Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle” (AFT) Bro. David Singh who is residing nearby my house,Anna Nagar  invited me and my family (wife and son) to AFT, Purasawakkam, Chennai.  We went and attended to the service. Before attending that service, Bro. David Singh took me to the Pastor.Sam P.Chelladurai  and introduced me to him.  As it is my habit of asking the pastors whom I meet  to tell the “Will of God” about me, now I asked Pastor.Sam.P.Chelladurai also the same thing. But the reply I got from him was entirely different from other pastors whom I met in my life. Yes. While having The LORD one who tells the “Will of God” is inside of you, then why should you ask me about it. This sentence was not come out his mouth ordinarily. He spoke with anointing , laid his hands on my heart. Then we attended that service and came back to home.  I myself and my wife got some special spiritual experience. We both realised that our hearts were filled with the real Peace of God. So we continued to attend the service at AFT thereafter. Because of the faith preaching of the Pastor.Sam. P. Chelladurai only , I have grown in Faith upto this level. I and my family thank God for having such a wonderful - word based congregation. GLORY TO GOD.

Within one premises four kinds of ministries must be done by God’s Grace.


We must give water those who are in thirsty and we must feed foods those who are in hungry. Because Bible says “And the King will answer them, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me” (Matthew 25:40). Glory to God !

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